Nection’s Networking Revolution: Try the AI-powered gifts and say bye to useless networking!


Skyrocket your networking with smart recommendations, AI messages, smart reminders, and now — GIFTS. Gifts that match the context.

Meet Nection — a mobile application that helps business-minded people develop their social capital with the help of an AI assistant. We are proud to announce a big update inside the app — now, every user can send gifts through the app using AI.

Birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays, or some updates in people’s life — you can choose a gift for any occasion, including travel, experiences, food, restaurants and bars, beauty and health, leisure and sports, supermarkets and groceries, and many others. Don’t forget holidays anymore — build deeper relations with the right gift, the right message, and at the right time.

Date of launching new update: 07.08.2023
Available in the app for iOS and Android users.

The gift-sending feature can help to make warmer and closer connections and relationships with all people who are important to you — from business to personal life. Now you can show your support, genuine care or remind yourself just in a few clicks. So, gifts in the app, how does it work? Choose a recipient. Send the gift in any convenient way. Everything is in one place. In a couple of clicks. Wow, isn’t it?

Choose a recipient. You can choose it from an already existing contact list at Nection or add a new contact.

Choose a gift with a personalized message. You can choose gift-card from more than 12 categories and denominations of gift certificates (from 5$ to 100$ and 250$). As for the brands, between hundreds available in the application, you can find the top ones and favorites of many, such as eBay, Airbnb, Google Play, ASOS, Adidas, AMC Theaters, Applebees, Dominos Pizza, Wayfair, and others. So you decide and choose the needed category and denomination first. Then AI creates a personalized message, adds it to your virtual gift card, and you get a digitally generated gift card with the link to your gift.

Send the gift in any convenient way. You can send the gift card through any social network, messenger, or personal email. When the receiver gets the notifications and opens the link, he can open the gift inside the application and use it at any convenient time. You will also be able to see the sent gift’s status and the ability to follow up, send it to the person again via another communication channel, or cancel the gift if it hasn’t been opened.

A new Nection update will be available in the app 07.08.2023 for all users.

For more information, visit

Nection is a startup with Ukrainian roots founded by Alex Vasylenko. The app is already available and is already used by users from more than 101 countries.

We gather all features that will help you build communication efficiently but productively without wasting much time and effort. Communicate with all your contacts from a single place, and send personalized messages to several people at once on specific holidays or special dates. Break the ice of your communication and be prepared before your interaction — get the latest insights from the history of communication and notes. Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or exact time reminders to stay in touch with important people from your contact list.

A new communication era starts now, and your Social Capital starts in one step.
Join thousands of people who are already growing their relationships with Nection.

For media inquiries, contact:
[email protected]
Alex Vasylenko
Founder & CEO
Kyiv, Ukraine



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