Palo Alto Networks has entered into a partnership with the Polish Cyber Defense Forces


The agreement aims to deepen the cyber security partnership in response to the growing demand for better protection against digital threats. The agreement was signed on September 27, 2023. Palo Alto Networks is also strengthening its presence in the Polish market by providing new and more advanced services, as well as establishing a partnership with Google Cloud. This is expected to allow Polish enterprises to optimize costs and increase the security of their office infrastructure, company officials said.The cooperation between the Polish Cyber Defense Forces Component Command and Palo Alto Networks is a key step in strengthening Poland’s cyber defense. Both entities bring extensive knowledge and experience in digital security. The agreement symbolizes a joint commitment to protecting the country’s digital infrastructure and ensuring a secure cyber environment for Poland, the official announcement said.

Palo Alto Networks, one of the leaders in cybersecurity solutions, will work closely with the Polish Army’s Cyberspace Defense Component Command, sharing knowledge, technology and insights to strengthen the country’s ICT security capabilities. The partnership also signifies a mutual commitment to addressing the evolving challenges of cyber threats. The strategic alliance is expected to facilitate the continuous exchange of information and knowledge between the two sides, fostering innovation and development in the field of cyber security. Both parties anticipate that the cooperation will significantly contribute to Poland’s resilience to cyber threats, benefiting national security and the well-being of its citizens.

Cooperation with Google Cloud
In parallel to its cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces, Palo Alto is expanding its operations in the Polish market. One of the key elements of Palo Alto Networks’ expansion in Poland is the establishment of a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. This will provide customers in Poland with state-of-the-art cloud solutions, such as Prisma Access and Cortex XDR, to meet stringent data storage requirements. This will enable the introduction of cloud solutions to Google’s data center in Poland, ensuring that personal data is processed in the country. This will eliminate the risk of transferring data outside the European Economic Area. Palo Alto Networks also stresses the importance of close cooperation with the Polish government. The company’s solutions support the government’s mission to protect digital assets and enhance cyber resilience in the face of possible threats.



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