The Largest Home Exchange Platform, Holiday Swap, Celebrates Its New Record of Over 1 Million Users with a $1 Million Travel Giveaway


The largest home exchange platform, Holiday Swap, celebrates its new record of 1 million users with an exceptional giveaway: making one lucky winner travel free for life!

On November 30, 2022, Holiday Swap is giving away the largest prize ever in the travel industry. One lucky winner will receive free travel accommodations for life! With home options in 184 countries, the winner will be able to travel the world, be anywhere, anytime, and stay for free. The prize is valued at over $1 Million dollars. Second Place is Free Travel Accommodations for 5 years, Third Place, Free Travel Accommodations for 3 years, and fourth place, free travel accommodations for 1 year.

Holiday Swap is owned and operated by travel enthusiasts around the world. This special giveaway was created to share their passions for travel with the 4 lucky winners. Holiday Swap CEO James Asquith said, “After traveling to every country in the world, I wanted to give others the same opportunity to see new and exciting places.” Alex Kowtun, Chief Strategy Officer of Holiday Swap: “During a time of soaring inflation and skyrocketing hotel prices, this is the most exciting giveaway I have ever seen.”

There is no cost for entering the “Free Travel Accommodations For Life” giveaway. Anybody can enter simply by following the @holidayswap Instagram account, downloading the Holiday Swap App, and creating a full profile adding their apartment or home. After this is complete, they comment on any of the Free Travel Accommodations For Life posts saying “DONE” and tagging 3 friends that would love to travel with them.

For more information and details, please visit and Holiday Swap social media accounts.


Holiday Swap is the leader in the home sharing industry. With over 1 million users, the company provides the lowest cost accommodation options to users with their in-app token currency. Premium users leverage their homes or apartments by “swapping” with anybody in the world, further reducing the cost of travel accommodations. With swapping, think “Couchsurfing on Steroids.” For those who don’t want to host their place, the in-app token currency allows users to purchase tokens and save 80% on travel accommodations. Holiday Swap is the social media platform for your home or apartment!

Holiday Swap was founded in 2018 by James Asquith, the official Guinness World Record holder, as the youngest male to ever visit all 196 countries at the age of 24. Since day 1, the Holiday Swap community of like-minded travelers has grown up and crossed over 1 million users recently with a mission to make travel accessible for everyone.

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Holiday Swap

Emre Kamil Kaya, Digital Marketing and PR Specialist


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