Channel Your Inner Spider-Man (Legally) By Rappelling 46 Floors at the ‘Skyline Challenge’


San Franciscans were glued to their televisions and online news feeds as a rogue climber and anti-abortion activist climbed to the top of San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower this morning. He completed his “free solo” ascent without the aid or protection of ropes.

Whatever your views on abortion, the renegade feat certainly made a statement and may have you thinking: Could I ever do that?

Outward Bound California is offering thrill seekers a chance—and a far less partisan opportunity—to test their fear of heights (legally) with a sky high fundraiser on Thursday, May 5. After a two year hiatus, Outward Bound’s City Skyline Challenge to raise scholarship funds for youth and veterans to get out in the great outdoors and build leadership skills is back on. 

Test your fear of heights for a fun cause with Outward Bound’s City Skyline Challenge. | Photo courtesy of Outward Bound California

The challenge involves rappelling down 46 floors of the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and includes a two-hour safety briefing for gearing up, gearing down and practicing your rappelling skills with Over the Edge Technicians and Outward Bound volunteers. At 10-15 minutes, the rappelling experience itself is brief. The minimum to participate, on the other hand, is steep—$2,000. The goal is to raise at least $300,000. But the rush of adrenaline, coupled with the knowledge that you’ve contributed to a good cause, might just have you feeling like a real life Spider-Man. 

Descend in a kooky costume for a chance to win prizes as part of Outward Bound’s fundraiser to get local youth and veterans into the great outdoors. | Photo courtesy of Outward Bound California

You can even dress up as a superhero if you want. Costumes—so long as they’re not too loose, baggy, stringy or headdressy—are encouraged and prizes will be given away for the best dressed rappeller. If you’re feeling jittery, you do have the option of rappelling with a friend or signing up with a team. You may even see some high-profile government officials rappelling off the sky high hotel. Former state Sen. Mark Leno, Board of Supervisors alum Jane Kim and City Administrator Carmen Chu have all participated in the past.  This year’s VIP rappellers include, San Francisco 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam, activist Sister Golda Lox of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and NBC Bay Area Sports and Golden State Warriors Reporter Kerith Burke, among others. 

Follow this link to learn more. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, you can watch the live stream here on May 5. 

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