Academy of Arts and Design London Boosts Creative Industry Across the UK


Art is a reflection of society. Through it, people can revisit their past, review the present, and peer into the future — enabling them to identify their flaws and devise solutions. This has made creative industries crucial in advocating social inclusion, education, health, environmental conservation, and justice, among other social virtues.

Over the past decade, there has been a heightened awareness of the creative industries’ immense contributions to local economies. According to the Creative Industries Council, this sector offers approximately 2.3 million jobs, including 1.6 million permanent positions.

When most people visualise careers in the creative industry, only performing artists come to mind. However, the sector is way broader than this — it comprises anyone using their talent and creative expression skills to create something original. Careers in this field include video editing, illustration, writing, animation, choreography, graphic design, music composition, art direction, lighting design, and audio engineering.

Despite the creative industry’s significance, several individuals still view it as a pastime that can be pursued while looking for better employment opportunities. Others believe that nobody can voluntarily take up a career in art and that the sector is a last resort for those unable to secure “more decent” traditional jobs.

So, why is the creative industry yet to command the respect it deserves despite contributing over £92 billion annually to the UK’s economy? One possible explanation is the lack of institutional support compared to other industries. While doctors, engineers, and lawyers spend years in school before joining the workforce, many artists have little to no formal training.

The Academy of Arts and Design London bridges this gap. It paves the way for a future built on creativity and innovation. While artists may have talent, they still require proper training to explore, process, and express their ideas through different mediums. And this is where the academy comes in — fusing theoretical knowledge with practical applications to enable artists to convert their concepts into real-world masterpieces. The best part is the academy customises its evidence-based teaching methods to every learner’s unique needs.

The Academy of Arts and Design London is the best choice for those looking for courses to help them tap into culture and use it as a growth catalyst. It offers a venue for UK natives to appreciate and create art.


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